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We Strive to Make a Difference

We believe that as a small business, we can serve to impact the lives of cats and dogs.  Our products support this cause by

donating 5% of every purchase to a Non-Profit rescue organizations and those that promote safety and animal rights.  


Organizations We Support: 


Rocket Dog Rescue is a San Francisco Bay Area dog rescue organization run by a group of dedicated volunteers.  They save dogs from death at over-crowded shelters and find them loving, happy homes. Now in their fifteenth year, RDR is stronger than ever, and has saved the lives of over 8,100 animals.


K-9 Armor relies 100 percent on tax-deductible donations to give free bulletproof K9 vests to California police dogs. K-9 Armor is a Non Profit Public Benefit Charity. K-9 Armor vests are made of the same material as their handler, Kevlar® Level IIIA made by Point Blank they are custom-made with three panels of Type IIIA Kevlar® to protect all the vital organs including the heart, chest, body and tail.


H.A.L.O. is an all volunteer organization. All cats and dogs are lovingly cared for in our fosters' homes.  To date, H.A.L.O. has successfully placed over 10,000 dogs and cats into loving homes, since 2001, giving these wonderful animals, and their humans, new lives.


Over the past several years, significant strides have been made in reducing the rate of dog and cat euthanasia all across the nation. Home At Last Rescue (HAL) plays an active role in this "no-kill" movement by rescuing animals from city shelters, providing temporary foster care, and bringing these animals to the public for placement in high-quality, loving homes.


In 24 years, The Milo Foundation has rescued and found homes for more than 30,000 animals that faced euthanasia in California's shelters, faced abandonment and neglect. They have a 283 acre sanctuary in Mendocino County that allows Milo to be California’s largest No-kill rescue. They can give animals the space and time they need to get the special homes they deserve. Milo has an Intake and Adoption Center called Milo Point Richmond (MPR). Designed for rescue, including dog yards, cat rooms, and our own 3/4 acre Dog Park!


The Physicians Committee promotes alternatives to animal use in research, testing, and education.  They help pass legislations that promote animal rights and save animal lives.

Pit Bull Rescue.jpeg

Established in August 2012, CPR is a 501(C)3 all-volunteer nonprofit rescue organization with headquarters in Richmond, CA.  100% of our proceeds go toward our mission goals including awareness initiatives and providing food, supplies, housing, training and medical care for the dogs we take into our rescue program.  We strive to house our dogs in foster homes where they can decompress and learn how to be loved and secure family members. They remain under CPR's wing until they find the most appropriate permanent guardian with whom they can happily and peacefully live out their lives.

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